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greysmorningcoffee greysmorningcoffee Apr 08, 2017
quietly hisses pls don't hate me twilight fans
                              i'm not calling you twihards it feels derogatory
Peeta bread ( Peeta me all ark) plus the girl on fire or fire( Katniss Everdeen) = toast
Forever_A_Mad_Hatter Forever_A_Mad_Hatter Apr 02, 2017
And I have another one!!!
                              I walk on the stage and this is what I see
                              All of district 12 a-looking at me
                              I got some odds in your favor and I ain't afraid to show it show it show it
                              I'M EFFIE AND I KNOW IT!!!
Forever_A_Mad_Hatter Forever_A_Mad_Hatter Apr 02, 2017
*screams* *cheers* *claps* *fake cries* *stands* *scream and cheers more*
PhanDevotion PhanDevotion Jan 18, 2016
I have another one!
                              When I walk out of the bakery this is what I see, Katniss Everdeen is staring at me
                              I gotta loaf in my hand and I ain't afraid to throw it throw it...
                              IM PEETA AND YOU KNOW IT!
eightdeadlysins eightdeadlysins 2 days ago
If Robert Pattinson was in the park twilight fans wood be shouting
                               "EDWARD EDWARD OVER HERE!"
                               but you see I would be shouting