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AddictedtoKdramas By MemoirsofaGeisha Completed

He watched her from across the room. Even though her hair was a different colour he could tell by the tightening in his jeans that it was her. She wore black jeans with a leather jacket and black combat boots and sat at the bar throwing back shots. Every male’s eyes were trained on her. If only they knew how dangerous she is. She wiped out an entire planet all on her own. Nobody knew how she did it. All they heard were the stories. He’d been tracking her for the past eight months. Every time he came close she would disappear, but she won’t escape him this time. He made his way slowly over to the bar and took the seat beside her. “The look doesn’t suit you Princess. It’s more your sister’s style.” She slammed her glass down on the table and turned to face him. Gold eyes clashed against gold. At least she didn’t change that about herself.  “I see they sent you to do their dirty work,” she said. And before I could get a word in she vanished before my sight. “Damn it!” I growled out under my breath before bolting outside and getting on my bike.

Is this book not understandable without reading the 1st one??
__idiosyncratic __idiosyncratic Jan 12, 2015
For my health she better take her place as queen! I'm done playing games with her lol
MemoirsofaGeisha MemoirsofaGeisha Jun 16, 2014
@MemoirsofaGeisha Do you remember the name of the story? was it the exact story? I don't even know that site.
MemoirsofaGeisha MemoirsofaGeisha Jun 16, 2014
@WeirdlyJAYLAs Is that so? could you send me the link to that particular story?
wildath3art wildath3art May 01, 2013
I just finished Tamed and here I am ready to read some more! I know I will love this story just like the first! <3
izzyofdeath izzyofdeath Mar 26, 2013
I luv it! Sooo Gud I thought Dimitri was a avatars at first but I was rally sad wen he died!