Torn Between Reality - Zerrie (Completed)

Torn Between Reality - Zerrie (Completed)

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                                                     ❝What is love if all we have are happy endings?❞
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"I'm coming through!" He kicked the door open, the lock snapping. He came in and I jumped for him, but his instincts were too good as he saw it coming. He ducked and I fell right over him. "You are so stupid." I jumped up and tried again. He grabbed my arm, and lifted his other hand. He slapped me in the face and I yelped in pain. With his other hand, which held my wrist, my hand still gripping the knife, he began to twist my wrist. Tears in my eyes from the unbearable pain, I let go of the knife and tried to make him let go. My wrist snapped, the pain so terrible, I let out an agonizing scream.

He let go of my wrist and I fell to the floor, groaning in the worst kind of pain. "S-stop. Pl-please." I technically begged him. He stood looking down at me, no sympathy in his eyes. Nothing but pure hate.

"I'm not finished with you yet." He grabbed me up by the arm and pulled me with him down the stairs. Once down the stairs, he pushed me to the floor. "Okay, let's play a game." I couldn't even reply, I was in so much pain. "Do you not want to play?" he questioned. His voice held an annoyed vibe.

"I d-don't." I breathed. 
This is my story. Go through my flashback to find out what got me here.

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storiesunfolded_xo storiesunfolded_xo Oct 25, 2017
                              He seems very emotional, just like me. I understand what you are feeling!
The_Ravenclaw_Girl The_Ravenclaw_Girl Oct 03, 2017
                              okay I may not be a one direction fan but I like the background. Instead of being in the band straight away they met different (Zayn and Harry) and I really liked that. Perhaps you could go into a slight more detail to emphasise the scenes importance. But I really liked this well done!
storiesunfolded_xo storiesunfolded_xo Oct 25, 2017
                              Alright, I. Am. On. The. Verge. Of. Crying.
                              This is why I hate relationships. They make us cry.
-Writing_Is_Life- -Writing_Is_Life- Oct 19, 2017
                              This is a great opening and Ii loved all the details that you used. The way you worded things was also pretty good
-Writing_Is_Life- -Writing_Is_Life- Oct 19, 2017
                              I love the way you show the characters thoughts and worries. It is great for a story and it really helps to keep the story going. So it is great that you do that and keep it pretty detailed
paddyptah89 paddyptah89 Jul 31, 2017
Bit of a stupid reason to get sacked. I would sue for unfair dismissal twould be quite the page turner