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Torn Between Reality - z.m

Torn Between Reality - z.m

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•Zoey• By 22ZaynisBeautiful Updated 2 days ago

Torn Between Reality © 
                                                     ❝What is love if all we have are happy endings?❞

   When heartbreak takes a twist in fate, and some things came too late, when love is designed to hate, and reality makes its wait. What happens when three worlds collide? When life or death is all that matters? When you love someone so much it hurts? What happens...when you fall in love? What if your story isn't a fairytale? And in reality, you're torn. What if there's no happy ending to your story?
                                        How did I know that my love for her would be the end of her?

                                                           You called me out and taught me tough
                                                                               With love, with love.
                                                           You fought my flaws, my teeth, my claws
                                                                               With love, with love.
                                                    'Cause every time I'm slipping away from myself,
                                                      You're the one that moves me like nobody else.

                                                                'Cause when I'm down and I'm done,
                                                                          And I'm coming unplugged
                                                                               When I'm ready to fall
                                                              You're the one always holding me up
                                                                                          With love

Naniboo__ Naniboo__ Sep 10, 2016
That was a beautiful chapter ♡ 
                              Even from a male's narrative, that's kinda rare in books, on Wattpad.
coolchic101 coolchic101 Aug 07, 2016
                              It's ok Zayn, I'm here for you! x
lucreditia lucreditia Jun 10, 2016
Its awesome... Perry,  zayn,  harry... A full directioner novel
coolchic101 coolchic101 Aug 07, 2016
You little rat! I'm sure you're doing it for a reason but still. It's not justified!
coolchic101 coolchic101 Aug 07, 2016
He seems so nice! You sound like you're gonna break up with him! DON'T!!!!!
Gigi_washere Gigi_washere Oct 18, 2016
Omg, I really loved this chapter. You're such a talented writer❤ and I can't w8 to read more!😊