Sixteen and Pregnant With My Best Friends Baby ✔️

Sixteen and Pregnant With My Best Friends Baby ✔️

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Caira and Chris have always been best friends. Their moms were friends since a very young age, Caira and Chris are bound to be close and best friends, right?

Maybe a little too close. The day Caira turns sixteen, in the summer before Junior year, she thought nothing better than to give her virginity to her best friend. Someone who truly cared about her, even though it wasn't the real love. 

Anyways, they go on like that. Like a friends with benefits thing, for a couple months that is. 

What will happen when Caira finds out she's pregnant with Chris's baby. Will he leave her to take care of it herself, or will he be by her side?

Read to find out. 

***this is one of my only stories that actually had a goal, which is really strange. These two will go through highs and lows just like a real teenage couple expecting a baby. 

Thank you all!

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AmboMcC1316 AmboMcC1316 Aug 23, 2017
I do that my dad we'll work even when his sick just to make money for me and my mom
keelyj21 keelyj21 Nov 10, 2017
So her nasty ašś didnt bathe but sent him to wash? Eww , nobody should be sleeping with non showering folks, that's how you sick
ZAllDaii ZAllDaii Mar 17, 2017
This doesn't sound like the healthiest of friendships but it makes for a good book. Lol 😂😂😂
EatingMercy EatingMercy Nov 17, 2016
That's also me, I literally gain no weight, but still I hate my body.
sopiyuhhhhh sopiyuhhhhh Oct 21, 2016
When I eat something, I never get fat, I get a little chubby but I shrink back to my size 😂😂😂
GrungeGirl223 GrungeGirl223 Aug 20, 2016
Eh eh. I'm one of those people who can eat whatever and not gain anything but when I'm eating like a whole chocolate bar it feels like everyone is watching me. So it's both a curse and a gift I guess