12 Weeks, 12 Dates

12 Weeks, 12 Dates

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Meet Piper Hollows. She doesn't like to go out if she has the choice not to. She has things to do and is perfectly fine being in her room on Saturday nights, with her huge pride, her many piles of books, and her sketch pad full of the stick figures she loves to doodle. 

Starting to notice Piper's isolation from other people, her friends make a bet with her: if she can go on 12 different dates, then they will stop bothering her about her social preferences. But if Piper doesn't go, then they will forever continue to bring it up. 

As stupid as it sounded, Piper finally saw a way out and to prove that she just wasn't the type to go out and still have her pride intact. She relunctantly agrees, but things go unexpected such as: knocking out (it was an accident, she swears) one of the popular girls in school, actually having to attend detention (the horror!), maybe even making some new friends along the way, and probably having some of the worst dates possible.

But who knows, this could be kinda fun...

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picasshole picasshole Feb 23, 2016
shít I just remembered I skipped my rolecall detention yesterday. nice!!!!
Alsdabomb Alsdabomb Nov 25, 2016
3rd time reading this! I just love it!!!! Had to come back ^-^
tootycutiekitty tootycutiekitty Jul 16, 2016
Omg seriously in love with this book, read it about five times till date and nearly died from the cuteness!! :D
Whoever red this alredy this is my 1st so I can't wait how good this author is.....k chill
sydneyeasley33 sydneyeasley33 Feb 23, 2015
I've read this like three time and I still cry from laughing so hard. I love this book!
xoinluv xoinluv Oct 09, 2014
I have a feeling that this book's gonna steal my heart ... Interesting Title :D