Lockers (h.s)

Lockers (h.s)

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This isn't the story of how the popular guy notices the unpopular nerd girl with social issues and the guy acting like he doesn't give a shit about the girl until he realized in the end he does. 

No, this is not that story. 

This is the story where my once titled bully, realized how horrid he was and changed his ways. Where he already knows he loves this awkward girl, but is too nervous about her rejecting him to do something. This is a story about mistakes, trust, and friendship. 

This is my story of how I fell in love with the popular jerk with the locker above mine, and how he already loved me. 

Trailer by: MapleLeafx

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smilewithyourheart10 smilewithyourheart10 May 29, 2017
But that would mean he hates making fun of her name if you use the word 'loathes'
Nooooo my sisters name is eva so now I going to imagine this character as her! 😫
writer_in_the_dark_ writer_in_the_dark_ Jul 08, 2016
And she has brown hair. Well I know who I'm imagining her as...
madnstyles madnstyles Aug 24, 2016
I was the cheer captain and never came close to one of dem strong ones
Crazy-_-squirrels Crazy-_-squirrels Aug 09, 2016
I'm so happy my schools lockers are full sized and not split into two.
PattyxStyles PattyxStyles Jul 09, 2015
But have you guys thought that if she's under him in the locker she's basically under his legs...lollll dirty directioners