little sister ✧ cameron dallas

little sister ✧ cameron dallas

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sammy if you will is 

cameron dallas's little sister. 

yup "the cameron dallas" 

she's just a regular

abnoramal 14 year old.
but she has a few problems. 

- depression

- anxiety

- she cuts

- she's been bullied 

- she's broken

but the biggest one of all is

no one knows.

not even cam. 

and she tell's him everything. 
well she used to before her family 
fell apart.

 join sam and her journey with the magcon boys.


lowercase intended. 
© 2015 queenunicorns

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Oh I find school fun but its only fun because I mess with my freinds
daddy12331 daddy12331 Sep 23
Wow my name is Samantha green eyes wavey brown hair this is me LMAO!
Dag, that's so sad, like if that was me I would've slapped her and wouldn't question it. If not, I would've told the teacher. In my school bulling is an automatic no, and you will be suspended
Dude Picasso did abstract art, that kinda means that hers are so neat they make her sister look all over the place...
-YoongisSTDs -YoongisSTDs Sep 25, 2016
To person who said it: Makes no sense. Maybe you should stay in school a little longer buddy k? K.
muffinmendes_omag2l muffinmendes_omag2l Nov 27, 2016
Ayyy sorry I just never find anything with ohio in it also I live in ohio!!!!