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Feitan's Little Sister (Killua X Reader)

Feitan's Little Sister (Killua X Reader)

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* @blade_shadow_blood is completing/editing*

[Y/n] was a little on the dark side. She was, what you might call, sadistic. One day, she is told to take the Hunters Exam. She agrees promises to do two things: 

"Succeed and hide your identity."

Hiding her identity wasn't too hard, until she ran into a certain ex-assassin. Will she become a hunter?

[reader insert]
[i do not own Hunter x Hunter]
[or any of the characters]
[i also don't own the art in the cover]
[but please do enjoy]

xXKaimaXx xXKaimaXx Mar 15
now i know how Gon and Killua felt during greed island...with HIM....T^T
I like the part in greed island where they teleported and he was nude it was amaazing
When I don't have a blanket, I feel like something's about to grab me and kill me. I'm unprotected without the comfort of my blankety.
SomiTora SomiTora Apr 21
Oh my gosh is why is he staring at me?! He's even worse when Leorio is staring at me.... -_-
I swear on some momments hisoka sounds like he's getting laid -_-
69_Death_The_Kid_69 69_Death_The_Kid_69 Aug 03, 2016
I LOVE the part at greed island that he was walking behind gon and killua and was staring at their butts XD