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Feitan's Little Sister (Killua X Reader)

Feitan's Little Sister (Killua X Reader)

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* @blade_shadow_blood is completing/editing*

[Y/n] was a little on the dark side. She was, what you might call, sadistic. One day, she is told to take the Hunters Exam. She agrees promises to do two things: 

"Succeed and hide your identity."

Hiding her identity wasn't too hard, until she ran into a certain ex-assassin. Will she become a hunter?

[reader insert]
[i do not own Hunter x Hunter]
[or any of the characters]
[i also don't own the art in the cover]
[but please do enjoy]

xXKaimaXx xXKaimaXx Mar 15
now i know how Gon and Killua felt during greed island...with HIM....T^T
I like the part in greed island where they teleported and he was nude it was amaazing
kittykittykillua kittykittykillua 6 days ago
When I don't have a blanket, I feel like something's about to grab me and kill me. I'm unprotected without the comfort of my blankety.
SomiTora SomiTora 3 days ago
Oh my gosh is why is he staring at me?! He's even worse when Leorio is staring at me.... -_-
I swear on some momments hisoka sounds like he's getting laid -_-
69_Death_The_Kid_69 69_Death_The_Kid_69 Aug 03, 2016
I LOVE the part at greed island that he was walking behind gon and killua and was staring at their butts XD