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Love &Fame,College Games

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Owr whole crew was on point yet there was no sight of Alex.Nor Logan And Douches but i could do without them two .

"Girl!"Jewels yelled in my ear making me jump as Romeo us in the club free of charge and full acess to the vip section.

"Damn!,damn near blew a bitch ear off" Nathalia said blocking  at the bright flashing lights.

Jewles gave her a stank face."Damn, my bad.But i was about to tell you ol'girl fron the park looked hella familar but i couldnt put my fingure on it" she said leaving us lost.

"She said she my ride or die.So i wife her up and because im never choosie i stay strapped she sint never gone lose me.Im that nigga and she my A1" she rapped leaving us dumb founded.

"A1!....By E-V.........Come on!"."Bitch OK your point is?"Anna said looking around the club.

"Douches was the girl in the video, shes a video vixen".

"Bitch you lyin"Teshell said laughing."I still dont like her, come on"Natjalia said pulling me to the dance floor.

Chris danced with Teshell, Romeo an...

swanneyy swanneyy Feb 20, 2014
I love the story have a lot going on but I love it ❤️❤️❤️
TekiyahElizabeth TekiyahElizabeth Jan 12, 2014
I love this story!! I'm hooked, and you do a great job of putting in details unlike some stories I read on here, can't wait for more!!!
dubblecupcodeine dubblecupcodeine Aug 13, 2013
OK so I'M addicted to this story I love love love Alex and lemonade relationship
PinkPerfection PinkPerfection May 13, 2013
@Channel5 Immediately I'M not sure because it be messing up sometimes on the notifications....
Channel5 Channel5 May 05, 2013
How do people know when you update its like one whole chapter
PinkPerfection PinkPerfection Apr 09, 2013
@Lavender17 thanks and I'm trying as fast as I can to update I appreciate your feedback. :)