Cupid (On Hold)

Cupid (On Hold)

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leonsls By leonsls Updated Jun 21, 2015

Jason is the school jock.  Julie is the schools beauty queen.   They are completely different from each other.  In fact they hate each other.  Nobody would ever expect them to fall in love.

Nobody but Cupid.

When Jason and Julie wake up in bed together, they think it's all a bad dream or sick joke.  Bound to the bed with hospital restraints and with the memory of the ether soaked rags  shoved in their faces, they quickly realize it's not a joke; the bad dream a nightmare.

Kidnapped by Cupid, they have one month to do the impossible.  Fall in love.  If not Cupid will kill them.

Reluctantly teaming up, their two best friends follow a string of clues as they desperately race to find them.  Just as Cupid planned.