Dangerous Love (TMNT TMNT FAN FIC)

Dangerous Love (TMNT TMNT FAN FIC)

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Caitlin (Cate) By ThisIsHellBaby Completed

Hey guys, this is my first book

So Dangerous Love is about Rapael and this girl named Nicole 

I love TMNT! It is my passion to write and I hope to make a story for all them but I wanted to do Rapheal first because he is my favourite TMNT!

Hope you guys like it!

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JasmynnePete JasmynnePete Aug 27, 2017
Me except que the class laughing and my teacher calling me out on it
harley_quinn55 harley_quinn55 Jun 18, 2017
Can turtles even blush? That wasn't supposed to be rude I just found it cute funny and adorable!😂
scarbreathaway scarbreathaway Jul 11, 2017
OK I have to admit I picked this story to read mainly because of the fact that my name is Nicole and my fan girl inner mind isn't glued to raphs "girlfriend" option in the nick series aaand because this looks like its about the movie not series
Shanana123987 Shanana123987 Aug 02, 2017
Roses are red,
                              Their thorns are prickly,
                              Let me just say,
                              That escalated quickly.
Willow-Wisp117 Willow-Wisp117 Sep 23, 2016
You know if I had I run in with a giant human turtle I don't think I could stop thinking about him eather
CarleeEmb CarleeEmb Jul 20, 2016
And his muscular green shell that's harder than my bible studies