The Misty, Purple Cat (Random Book)

The Misty, Purple Cat (Random Book)

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2014 - This story has nothing to do with a purple cat, misty or otherwise, first of all.
Second of all, I present to Wattpad's infinite library this random thing.
Arceus, Alkosh (Akatosh), the Three Moons, and StarClan all are probably having trouble knowing what will happen here. Also the Force.

But really.
This is for random stuff (announcements, book ideas, poems, shout outs, rants, updates, ect)
Or maybe little test chapters for viable story ideas that you can vote or comment on.
Enjoy of you want. :D
Leave if you don't care. *shrug*

I talk to you guys, my followers, in here.

Sept 2016 - Okay, why do you who don't follow or vote or comment (or let me see from you again) creepily add this book to your reading lists? Please don't, thank you.

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