My Best Friend's Cousin

My Best Friend's Cousin

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Shanaya Sharma is loved by everyone. She has the most perfect life every girl dreams of. Loving parents, 3 wonderful brothers, and an amazing best friend. When THE Rohan Mehra enters her life in a "Bollywood Dhamaka" way, her life is bound to turn upside down. 

If he's fire, she's water. If he's winter, then she's summer. But after all, like every other story, he's a boy and she's a girl. 

When Rohan lays his eyes on Shanaya, he immediately falls head over heels for her. However, he's exactly what Shanaya hates to be in a guy. He drinks, he smokes, he lies, etc. Knowing he can never gain Shanaya, he must steal her diary where all her secrets are hidden. 

So what's going to happen when Shanaya finds out? Can these two ever be together? Will Shanaya be able to forgive Rohan? Read more to find out.

Note: Unedited. The chapters say edited, but they're not. Read at your own risk!

Sequel is up!

Trailer in Part 1!

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Ikk_Kudi Ikk_Kudi Jun 28
Awww!! I just started and loved it... It is really beautiful
This is so werid. I also have two older brothers and then a younger one 😂
Bro from where r u? This book's characters name are all my closed frnds and family members name...including me Anushka😉
ShoujoPlanet ShoujoPlanet Mar 01, 2016
I saw these two on the cover n was like omg the 2 characters from Diwale
usefullcookie usefullcookie Jan 10, 2016
i already dont like that bua. like seriously, this is not ur friggin village!!!! i hate buas like that
itsdisneychanyeol itsdisneychanyeol Dec 24, 2015
I can't remember but I'm sure this girl he bumped into was Shanaya