The Silent Beat of a Butterfly's  Wings (Ziall Horlik)

The Silent Beat of a Butterfly's Wings (Ziall Horlik)

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Alli & Kat By xXZiallsChildrenXx Completed

It's the little things you're supposed to enjoy.
 When the sky is any color but blue or when the sun shines.

But Zayn Malik... He didn't enjoy anything. Hell, he was going to die one day so why the hell get your hopes up?

Zayn just didn't care about his life. He wasted it on drugs, sex, alcohol, and bumming money of his friends. 

But it seems to be the complete opposite for Niall Horan. Zayn didn't get the fucking idiot, maybe that's why Zayn enjoyed his presence.

Niall loved everything. Every little thing. The silent beat of a butterfly's wings made his day. Zayn just didn't get him at all.

But Niall got Zayn. He knew what Zayn felt and Niall knew that Zayn could be helped. But maybe Zayn wanted help.

Zayn never really knew someone so happy could have such a horrible life like Niall. 

Maybe somewhere in there is when they fell in love. 

Maybe that's when Zayn can finally learn to enjoy the simplest things.

Like the silent beat of a butterfly's wings.

filipa9185 filipa9185 Mar 23
Lol they aren't drugs? They're one of the most addictive drugs on the planet?!
Omg okay they are pretty and all but this butterfly looks like a stalker! 😂
Hmm...why...why does it reminds of Hitman so much...hmm ...???
isabella_2010_love isabella_2010_love Aug 05, 2015
I couldn't see or read any of that can someone message me what it said or kik me my kik is isabella_2010_love
_Bluntlesszouis_ _Bluntlesszouis_ Jul 23, 2015
I really really really hate butterflies  so if that thing was following me I probably would have broken into tears of panic
_Bluntlesszouis_ _Bluntlesszouis_ Jul 23, 2015
no he does not look like a Edward or Jacob he looks like a Niall