TANGLED   GALAXIES | matty healy

TANGLED GALAXIES | matty healy

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thestarsareours By thestarsareours Updated Aug 15, 2017

Brooklyn Waters and Matty Healy keep stumbling into each other, their stars alining. After one too many coincidences, Brooklyn feels a connection she's never felt before. Through traumatic, heartbreaking events they find themselves dependent on each other's love. But how long will their tangled lives survive together under this pressure? 

• Warning: This book has mature content such as language, sex, drug abuse, and violence. •

•• DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional story about a fictional character based off of Matty Healy. He probs doesn't act like this and this shit is too wild to be true lol ••

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-RomanticizingHeroin -RomanticizingHeroin Mar 15, 2017
Honestlyyyy if she made MATTY fall asleep while having sex then it must've REALLY been bad
vintagehealy vintagehealy Jul 25, 2016
How do you smell like strippers? I want that in perfume "strippers" new from bed bath and beyond
BookWormChristina BookWormChristina Dec 27, 2016
                              I have this weird shirt that says "black is my happy color."
- - Oct 17, 2015
Aside from a couple issues where the plurality is messed up, this is really good. =D I enjoy it.
- - Oct 17, 2015
Good so far. =D The writing is professional and the story flows. Good job.