FAME: Rising to the Spotlight (On Hold)

FAME: Rising to the Spotlight (On Hold)

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Anonymous By The_Anonymous_Author Updated Jul 02, 2011

A/N: Oh dear... yes, there's only one chapter, but for unmentioned reasons this story is on hold. I will try to return to it ASAP! Thanks! :3

""Normal seems just a little harder than fame at this moment!"
-Joanna Klein


Joanna "Jo" Klein is in a state of shock to find her childhood friend, Lance Romero, is the biggest pop star in the country 9 years after parting with him, right after being in a elementary school sand box with him where they were almost engaged. Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten her. (Keyword: Seems) After blowing her off like a tissue, Jo wants absolutely nothing to do with Lance and his electrifying blue eyes, and good riddance!

But when Jo's biggest rival, exotic and pretty much perfect Noelle Chen, latches onto Lance, not very ready to let go soon, Jo's inner jealous, crazy, hormonal teenage girl comes out and it's GIRL war (one of the most feared kinds). 

Only one question remains...

How can Jo get the attention of a celebrity as big as Lance?

Simple. She just has to become famous.

**Credits to AquaticCannon for the cover! Thanks so much! :3**