I Shouldn't Love a Demon ( Bill x Reader )

I Shouldn't Love a Demon ( Bill x Reader )

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Gravity Falls. The place wherein strange things happen. You never went out your house, all you ever did was stay inside your house and stare the outside world the whole day.

"Honey, why don't you go out and meet some friends? We've been staying here for months and you haven't talked to a single person aside from us." Your mom suggested. You knew for sure your mom is trying to make you feel better for being very shy.

"I'd rather not, mom. I'm sure they will think I'm a freak." You replied to her, not breaking the eye contact between you and outside. "That's what you think, sweetie. Not them. Why don't you find out yourself?" She asked one last time. You sighed and walked to the door. You twisted the doorknob and opened the wooden door.

You saw a few people looking at you like you were new in town. You were embarassed, just like this. You walked slowly. (y/n)....You can do this.....They will not laugh at you....do not be scared....

"Hey, what's your name?" A young, pretty girl asked....

There's LOTS of reasons why I'm a freak but this is one of them : 
                              When I was 8 years old I chased my enemy down the street while holding a pair of scissors with the intention to kill.... I guess that's one reasons how I grew up psychotic as hell
I'm gonna do it!
                              A few minutes later: mum I'm home I couldn't do it
liv_xx9 liv_xx9 Jul 15
This sounds like there explaining them selves on some dating website oh my god. 😂😂😂😂
I only get scared of this guy that stood outside my house once when I was five.
GillCipher GillCipher Mar 11
Okay first of I'm not like Will Cipher (rev. Bill Cipher) that always scared
sarahpony5 sarahpony5 Mar 23
*OH SHET BILLL IS HERE* grabbs air horn and starts to scream and making a bonch of noise