Just Play Along

Just Play Along

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The statement tends to go “Three Strikes and You’re Out.”

Little did I know that for me, it was three strikes and I was just getting started…

I didn’t know when I agreed to a somewhat silly game with my band mates, in an effort to find a date for a charity dinner, that I was actually getting myself in way over my head. WAY over my head…

But I guess that’s how things go when you start to play games and pretend to be something you're not...

Saw your book and it looked interesting can't wait to read it. I'm already hooked
Been binge-reading your books and I'm happy to finally read a book from Ashtons POV...atleast I hope it is🙏🙏
Im_Larry_AF_ Im_Larry_AF_ Sep 18, 2015
Holy fûckbuckets I thought that said Ashton!!!! I was like " WOO 5SOS!!! "
CoralVixen CoralVixen Aug 20, 2015
Whet dese names I know dem. IS DIS A SEQUEL?!  whet u already made one. HUH (._.) <-- confused af
lovereader75 lovereader75 Jul 10, 2015
Wait a miniute its Aston merrigold or whatever you call him from jls? Okay bye I'm finished now
lovereader75 lovereader75 Jul 10, 2015
Maybe not is that supposed to be a remake of ashton or am I just so 5sos in the head its unreal