Just Play Along

Just Play Along

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The statement tends to go “Three Strikes and You’re Out.”

Little did I know that for me, it was three strikes and I was just getting started…

I didn’t know when I agreed to a somewhat silly game with my band mates, in an effort to find a date for a charity dinner, that I was actually getting myself in way over my head. WAY over my head…

But I guess that’s how things go when you start to play games and pretend to be something you're not...

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priscila8 priscila8 Jan 23
🙄 aston again? Iike your stories but i'm not a big fan of The same character names, guess i'll have to wait longer so my mind doesnt get confused with the last story
2Eternity_nByond 2Eternity_nByond Feb 27, 2016
Saw your book and it looked interesting can't wait to read it. I'm already hooked
TheLegendOfJose TheLegendOfJose Oct 13, 2016
Been binge-reading your books and I'm happy to finally read a book from Ashtons POV...atleast I hope it is🙏🙏
kiriam-99 kiriam-99 Sep 18, 2015
Holy fûckbuckets I thought that said Ashton!!!! I was like " WOO 5SOS!!! "
CoralVixen CoralVixen Aug 20, 2015
Whet dese names I know dem. IS DIS A SEQUEL?!  whet u already made one. HUH (._.) <-- confused af
lovereader75 lovereader75 Jul 10, 2015
Wait a miniute its Aston merrigold or whatever you call him from jls? Okay bye I'm finished now