17 And A Teen Mom. ( being edited)

17 And A Teen Mom. ( being edited)

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Lillian trying to deal with school and being a teen mom. 

Life isn’t going so great right now for; her grade is in danger, she has to take care of Zane, she’s on the verge of dropping out, and she’s worried Ryan might has his eyes on someone else. She thought everything was going to be fine, but they only seem to be getting worse.

And not only that, her new friendship with new kid, Duncan, is making Ryan paranoid. Duncan is smart and handsome, but she thought he was only there to help her pass Junior year, but he starts to show interest in Lillian, making her confused for her feeling for him.

Life isn’t so dandy anymore in her life and she’s scared if Ryan and her makes a mistake, her family will come crushing down and everything will get ruined.

- - - 

First Book Is Called 16 And Pregnant

youwouldliketoknow youwouldliketoknow Nov 10, 2017
Because its always hot and the humidity is sometimes unbelievable. Even now in November shorts are sometimes necessary because its hot
LyssaLoo521 LyssaLoo521 Jun 14, 2016
He shouldn't be saying that in front of another student. It's confidential.
LyssaLoo521 LyssaLoo521 Jun 14, 2016
I would be like 'I'm not standing next to him for pictures. Don't have me by him.'
RealDianaaF RealDianaaF Sep 28, 2015
Babies start getting actual bone in their knee at 6 months so 6 months and after is when they crawl
merrymonkey99 merrymonkey99 Jun 19, 2015
Ya you can't microwave bottles it heats them much too quickly
Promise_Forever Promise_Forever May 25, 2015
I think it's a little too early for him to crawl, I am a mother so this isn't just a guessed opinion, babie don't really start crawling till around 7 months simply because they don't have all of the body strength