Those Icy Words of Love.  A Jack Frost love story.

Those Icy Words of Love. A Jack Frost love story.

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DreamsOfAngels By DreamsOfAngels Updated Jan 03, 2014

Winter Bell is a girl who believes.  She believes in Santa. The Easter Bunny,  Tooth Fairy, Sand Man and especially Jack Frost.  She meets them one day and learns that she is no ordinary human.  But when Pitch Black threatens to destroy what they all hold dear there is nothing more than Winter wants to have Pitch gone.

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Guys, what she meant was she got as close as seeing her parents doing the Guardians' jobs (putting presents under trees, hiding eggs etc.) :D
This describes me in every perfect way. Legit that sentence is me.
Whoa, sad start there DreamsOfAngels. But man how i love it!!
floraldoggo floraldoggo Apr 03, 2016
Just for the record
                              The weather today is slightly sarcastic with a good chance of
                              A. Indifference and
                               b. Disinterest in what the critics say
Natalie_the_hunter Natalie_the_hunter Oct 25, 2016
Me and my best friend annoy each other because I like jack frost and supernatural, while she likes Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. @GigiTacoz  its not like I don't like Harry Potter or anything.
baileygirl2 baileygirl2 Dec 29, 2016
I don't care what people say!! Jack Frost is real!! I believe he's real!