More Than Friends [caraxkendall] (Lesbian Stories)

More Than Friends [caraxkendall] (Lesbian Stories)

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CARAxKENDALL By cakeislifeaf Completed

Hi guys. SO this is my first time writing a story, so please bear with me. English is my second language so I can't assure a PERFECT grammar.

HOPING you'll guys like it.


Kendall's POV

"kendall, here. Look at the camera."



I've been posing here for minutes; here I am, at the LOVE magazine launch in LONDON. I feel exhausted. I just want to sleep. Jet lagged. Fvck the time zones!

Who doesn't want to sleep? Watch cute cat videos while lying on bed all day. But I need to do this. I don't want to be labeled as "one of the Kardashians" anymore. I mean, I am. But I am a JENNER, I want to prove something for myself. ON MY OWN.

While I was posing for the cameras with my fellow models, there she comes. . . CARA. CARA fvcking DELEVINGNE.

 She was like the newest KATE MOSS. The QUEEN D. The biggest name in the modeling industry now.

We made eye contact and she approaches to me.

"Ow kendall. Hey! Hey! Hey! " she said.

Speak kendal...

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Damn they will be looking like they're going to attend a funeral
HanimAmalina HanimAmalina Feb 12, 2016
Sooooo she woke up at 1, procrastinated for 5 hours, got ready for 2 and left to the club? She barely ate anything and she can process. Well, I guess that's why she's supermodel skinny
FancyNancyMcdonie FancyNancyMcdonie Jan 10, 2017
Black always wins, and it always scores a goal for the ALL BLACK team.
                              And that sounds really wrong, my bad..
Rinkanaxoxo Rinkanaxoxo May 20, 2015
please update it soon. please don't finish the story like that. lol keep it up. we ship CaKe :)