The dealer in Konoha {ON HOLD} (Naruto Fanfiction)

The dealer in Konoha {ON HOLD} (Naruto Fanfiction)

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Lvl1Magikarp By Lvl1Magikarp Updated Nov 08, 2016

(previously known as Gamblers Crush)

Ray Matsu was raised by Tsunade. Never knowing his real mom or dad he was raised by her who also trained Ray in gambling and Combat. What happens when Ray is forced to join Konoha and when he joins the academy

(Note the first couple of chapters were before the story change. I will leave those in if you guys want to read it but it is not relevant)
I do not own Naruto only my oc Ray btw this is a boyxboy so if your not into it than sry
My first fan fiction so sry if it sucks xD

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Am I the only one who if was robbed like this I wouldn't be angry lol
- - Mar 13
Kinda like Hisoka from hunterxhunter and twisted fate from lol (league of legends)
Uhhhh my brother's name is Ray and it's making this so weird.
Me. But instead of just stealing I would have just killed them too
WolfGirl12212 WolfGirl12212 May 30, 2016
It is bad that i was thinking about Cana Alberon from fairy tail?
AmnesiaCat101 AmnesiaCat101 Aug 06, 2016
Fun fact of the day: Free food taste better than food you have to pay