Deathbound (Wattys2016 Winner)

Deathbound (Wattys2016 Winner)

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Ru By iamrurumonster Updated Nov 27

Kill or get killed. The only escape is death and death alone. 

In a place where having special ability is fatal, Alison struggles to fight for equality among ordinary humans and the alius- humans with super abilities. Because alius has become a human threat to the Alpha government-those who dominate all humans of any race or color,  Alison and the others are deported to Delta. Delta is the land of death where killing is not a crime but a simple defense to survival -some kill to live and most live to kill. 
Would Alison find love in the land where trust and hope seem nonexistent? Is there any other escape from Delta besides death? Or would she remain with the curse of being deathbound? 

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure/Romance
Status: Ongoing
Language: TagLish

prologue palaaangg , astig na ! i cant wait sa mga susunod na chapters :) thumbs up author !:))
nhat_24 nhat_24 May 31
Ha!!!!,snaas maganda to sa delta,,,dba ru😜😜😜😜😜
99kaichou 99kaichou Mar 24
This is super cool! Bakit ngayon ko lang nakita 'to ❤️❤️
Ika 5th story moh nah babasahin koh.. Graveh!! Alanq palya!!.. Sobranq hanqa nah talaqa ako sau author RU!!.. Prologue planq excitinq nah..
                              Great job author RU!!!.. Thumbs up!!..👍👍👍👍
StellaiMaknae StellaiMaknae Dec 07, 2015
Not everyone who has the ability, loves to have one.. And the one who doesn't have it would die just to have one.. How ironic ..
PrincessErikaPaula PrincessErikaPaula Nov 27, 2015
after the keepers and seekers eto naman subaybayan ko interesting sa prologue pa lang ee