Deathbound (Wattys2016 Winner)

Deathbound (Wattys2016 Winner)

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Ruru By iamrurumonster Completed

Kill or get killed. The only escape is death. 

In a place where having special ability is fatal, Alison struggles to fight for equality among ordinary humans and the alius- humans with super abilities. Because alius has become a human threat to the Alpha government-those who dominate all humans of any race or color,  Alison and the others are deported to Delta. Delta, the land of death where killing is not a crime but a simple defense to survival -some kill to live and most live to kill. 
Would Alison find love in the land where trust and hope seem nonexistent? Is there any other escape from Delta besides death? Or would she remain with the curse of being deathbound? 

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure/Romance
Status: Ongoing
Language: TagLish
Book Cover by @cgthreena

-bellpen- -bellpen- Aug 18
It's like I'm already watching a movie (besides the teaser of course). The imagery is so vivid! Are you a pro iamrurumonster? ha! Fascinating intro!
van_bleaus van_bleaus Jun 16
This Is Cool! When I read the prologue, it's like "woah." Making me a thrill to read this one.
BamEighteen BamEighteen Jul 17
I'm amazed with the words, author. I love it! Another story to love.
stephawns stephawns Jul 14
Reread 😭 nakalimutan ko na yung iba . Complete na pla sya 💕
Aizyll Aizyll Jul 29
Very catchy, yung tipong kailangan mong basahin ang next chapter kase hook up ka kaagad. I can already picture that Alison lives in a dystopian type world which my favourite setting. This is not something I can read here in Wattpad. Good job! 😆
idochanbaek idochanbaek Jul 23
Ohhhhhh.. this is interesting i'm getting excited 😁😁😁