The Girl I Bullied Is A Supermodel?!

The Girl I Bullied Is A Supermodel?!

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Gracyn Kathryn By GracynKathryn Updated Jul 07

Arielle Potter, or more commonly known as Arie, is a world known supermodel of her mother's company; Aeropostale. Arie is a daytime spunky weird- bullied girl, and nighttime beauty desired supermodel. No one knows her real name, they know her as Arie Desiree. Not even her best friend knows her nighttime job. Not only is she a supermodel, but also a world class fashion designer.

  Now that you've met Arie, meet Cole; bad boy extraordinaire, and Arielle's bully. He thinks she's the weirdest thing since fried cheese. But what happens if his big brother and sister take him to one of her shows? And he immediately realizes, after they bump into each other, that Arie, supermodel girl, is the girl he bullied?

  What if misjudgment turns into something more? What if they realize that maybe they have more in common than they thought? The only way is to read; The Girl I Bullied Is A Supermodel?!
(A/N: I'm most likely changing the title sometime soon. If I decided to do it...)

Mia_loves_cth Mia_loves_cth May 06, 2016
OMG this is 
                              Sry I watch a lot of skydoesminecraft sooooo yeah
millsk404 millsk404 Jun 28, 2016
Models get paid more than &250.00 per show. Anyone gets paid (for a real, full time job) for anything more than that. Good chappie, but make it clearer with real world prices
MayaRosalynn MayaRosalynn Nov 28, 2016
"You made JayJay fly!" 
                              Dead omg 😂😂 
                              First chapter and i already love these siblings
OpalPower OpalPower Dec 03, 2016
Mom: Wake up CHILD!!! You're late for             
                              Me    : But it's the summer holidays!!!
                              Mom: That was half term sweetie...
Believing_It Believing_It Jul 04, 2015
It's only the first chapter and I already love Ari. She's hilarious! Btw your exposition was awesome. It instantly captured my attention. Keep writing :)