Bad Boy | s.m

Bad Boy | s.m

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AcousticShawn By AcousticShawn Updated Oct 02, 2015

In which a girl gets trapped in an elevator with the school bad boy, Shawn Mendes, and the very next day is assigned to be his tutor.   

WARNING: This book contains some sexual content. Read at your own risk.  

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Guys calm down this is a fanfiction not any real character. Maybe she wrote slut because the girls sleep around? Dont hate on this book
Girl I know this from the moment he was born even tho i was born 3 years after him😂
This is your 1st day damn. She probably doesn't even know them.
Just because we girls like to beat the fück outta our faces doesn't mean we are sluts. For fucks sakes can people stop being judge mental 🙄
I can't believe my bby is 18. the fact that my actual dads birthday is on the same exact day is quite weird😂
Why you gonna slit shame tho , you probably don't even know them 🙄