Niall Horan Imagine .

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Niall was away for 4 month's because of his tour , when it was the day hes going back . New's were spreading about Niall and some girl kissing , you cried and cried until you realized Niall was at your back hugging you asking you what's wrong and so you told Niall about everything what happened and decided to break up with him , for 2 day's you were away from you and Niall's flat and a Harry start's to call you and say's something happend with Niall ?! Could it be he got into an accident or hes just missing you ? 
    Find out in the story ! Just click the thingy called '' Start Reading ''
When Did they have sex? Niall just got back from tour and they fought... At what point did she get pregnant? I'm so confussed. Other than that I loved the imagine! Good job!!!
I laughed so much at "You have a baby in your stomach!" Like seriously, of course a baby is in the stomach not in the head. He should have said "You are having a baby" or "You are pregnant"
That was extronxdeNIALL xxxx me and my friend were sat there like OMG xxx
Awesome story! It gets all your emotions mixed up!!! Love ittttt!!!
this is so awesome and sweet. u should definitely do another imagine