The PR release says, "We have this under control," then follows the statement with vaguely scientific-sounding words. No one really buys it.

That proves to be a wise decision. Never trust the official statement about something that is far too suspiciously bloody to be simply "under control".

When all hell breaks loose, an ex-military war veteran and her soft-spoken bank employee not-really-boyfriend are forced to survive on their own. This is the story the world will neither hear nor tell.

This is their story.

katharania katharania Mar 29, 2015
@lechatmignon soon, I promise. Soon. Action scenes are coming.
lechatmignon lechatmignon Mar 29, 2015
Not a friendly crowd, huh. I just can't wait until they're surrounded by those zombies...will it be soon? Btw it's mentioned that the zombies "chase" people. So, like, they could actually run? Cause that'd be intense! haha
- - Mar 26, 2015
I've never read this kind of story, the genre I mean, but how you told it to the reader was truly rad. And never have I known a story with the woman braver than the man—or it's me lacking of experience in reading. However,  I'm looking forward to reading the next chappie! :D
katharania katharania Mar 26, 2015
@lechatmignon teehee. I have let some of my writing buddies read this and they agreed that the opening was, well. Yes. Oh, and that cover took me a while to make (the previous version of it sucked balls).
lechatmignon lechatmignon Mar 25, 2015
Au fait, peut-etre ajoute quelque les mots du cle a.k.a keywords so that the zombies addict on wattpad can find this gem easier *kiss kiss*