A New Life - In editing

A New Life - In editing

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Lucy By ladymess Completed

My Grandma used to tell me of a land. A land where there were birds and trees. A land where the sky was blue and the sun shone golden in the sky. She told me of green rolling hills and beautiful colourful flowers. She told me of the cities too, with buildings so tall they scraped the sky. She told me of the rain and how it would splash down on the land and make everything smell new and fresh. 
But she also told me of the war.

The cold war.

Lilly lives in a desolate world, underground safe from the toxic world above her. But she isn't safe from what lurks in the caves. No one is. But when there's a glimmer of hope and a chance for a happily ever after, will she have what it takes to save herself, her love and possibly the whole human race?

  • alternate
  • bombs
  • boy
  • charge
  • cold
  • death
  • dreams
  • lilly
  • love
  • monsters
  • reality
  • robin
  • underground
  • universe
  • war