Larry Stylinson Smut (BoyxBoy)

Larry Stylinson Smut (BoyxBoy)

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Basically smut and omorashi stories (:

Gonna keep it at 69 posts because...  hehehe

They're all bottom!harrie btw... C: 

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- - Nov 25, 2017
On Halloween, my friend and I were hiding from our other friend behind a car. He jumped out of nowhere and I got so scared that I peed my pants 😂😂😂 I didn’t have a change.....
hazza_sprouce hazza_sprouce Nov 20, 2017
I just imagined that. Omg that's the cutest. Just imagine lil Haz playing with bubbles in the bath 😢😢 it's too cute
HarrehTheFrog HarrehTheFrog Jul 03, 2017
I don't know what Omorashi is, sure maybe I know what it is and just didn't know the name, but can someone explain
_TwoGhosts _TwoGhosts Jun 02, 2017
I have omorashi kink, daddy kink, hair pulling kink, and vibrations. Idk I'm weird
Wait I just realized the person above me commented the same thing 😒
louehtxmlinsmol louehtxmlinsmol Jul 26, 2017
if you wanna know what omorashi is then scoll all the way to the bottom of the comments