Rejection from his alpha. (ManxMan/ MPREG.*COMPLETED*)

Rejection from his alpha. (ManxMan/ MPREG.*COMPLETED*)

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The God Of The Lost Ones By Mr-Lemon Completed

Charlie is rejected by his mate who happens to be the next alpha.

Humiliated and pained, he runs and six years pass.

When he returns, he isn't alone.

Mpreg and boyxboy love!

This is a mature rating book! Its violent and has some scenes that are only suited for mature audiences.

Jin-Jin- Jin-Jin- Jun 13, 2016
God did when he made her that's why her eyes are that color! True story, me and the big man upstairs laugh about it all the time XD!
FlamesFireFly FlamesFireFly Nov 07, 2016
Death stare -.-
                              Okay my face hurts
Frunitarian Frunitarian 3 days ago
Do you THINK SOMEONE CARES ABOUT YOU, YOU VAGINA? NO ONE. UR MOM SHOULDA SWALLOWED YOU, YOU FAILED CONDOM PRODUCT. I'd like to leave you with a thought but i wonder where would you put it.
XxTheMysteryGirlxoxX XxTheMysteryGirlxoxX Sep 08, 2016
I feel bad for him. He is dating a witch that doesn't have a heart.
XxDemonic_WolfxX XxDemonic_WolfxX Jun 16, 2016
I wouldve found the sharpest thing i saw and jab it through her neck
Techno626 Techno626 Sep 30, 2016
be strong and walk away from the assholes..  hopefully you make it out stronger and survive after being rejected..