The Asassin's Daughter #wattys2016 #writher

The Asassin's Daughter #wattys2016 #writher

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HLWampler By HeatherWampler Updated Jul 05

Evelyn is an assassin's daughter. She doesn't know of her mother's past or how profoundly it will affect her life. She's just as stubborn and ends up falling just as in love with the wrong man as Queen Kathryn did. When the Guild returns to exact their revenge on the fallen assassin, it is up to her daughter to save the day before all of her loved ones are taken away from her permanently. Even the one she doesn't know she loves...yet.

She's reluctant to fight. She's reluctant to allow her heart to fall for the handsome Philip. Evelyn wants the freedom she was denied for her entire life.

The amazing cover is thanks to @Zayn_Imagines!!

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stanzin14 stanzin14 Dec 07
Oh I love the spot reversal...How K is acting all fussy mother....
ianne_senur ianne_senur May 16
She doesnt have her mother's smarts apparently... 😑😑😑
I love how in the first book Kathryn hated the way her mom acted and now she's acting like her mom lol
crazyolbat crazyolbat Nov 24, 2016
if she can be bought by a tiara then phillip can send her one too
WarriorsRoses WarriorsRoses Jun 24, 2016
I feel bad saying, that The King's Assassin had me wanting to read more by this point, but not this book.
- - Jan 01
Yunoe I think that Kathryn didn't want her daughter to grow up like this,but she was forced to to protect her from the guild's inevitable reveng😭😭😓