Borders || Zayn Malik AU #MissionDesi

Borders || Zayn Malik AU #MissionDesi

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कपूर Kapoor By sweetdreams199 Updated Apr 01

1940. A year when the Indian soil was tensed and was a point of violence. Swords were drawn, guns were fired and knives were stabbed, in the name of the creation of two countries, with quite different ideologies. British Raj's policies, created a land of killing, which was once a place of unity, and friendship.

But some friendships last even if they go through the most toughest times. 

But will friendship go to an extent that they are ready to wed their children, even if they are different, by faith?

Zain Malik never knew his life would change by getting married to Harpreet,
And Harpreet felt all her worries would be over since she met Zain.

Will it all change just because of one reason? A war? .....

A Story of Two Nations in Making -

*Disclaimer- This work of fiction is not meant to degrade, harass, or devalue any faith, tradition or people. All the people mentioned in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to a person or place is purely coincidental.*

Copyright sweetdreams199

Hahaha its fun to read what yoU're familiar with !!! Main tou pakistani hun bhaye idhar 😜  absolutely loving your story !!!!
I have a feeling I'd have to soon look after our land back home because my brothers are just so uninterested and don't even care
My mother is like this to me 😂😂😂😂she gets so happy even when I wear a long flowing maxi dress when it's summer
I hate that back in the day the kids never really got an opinion it was all up to the families
                              SUCH BLASPHEMY
                              WE ONLY DO MARRIAGES ON WEDNESDAYS.
Okay did he lose out on something? Like a bet? Or does he have some debt to pay? This sounds so sketchy