Mended: A Broken Afterstory

Mended: A Broken Afterstory

42.6K Reads 1.9K Votes 30 Part Story
Titania Erza Scarlet By tatitex1 Completed

(The sequel to Broken)

It had been 2 years since Layla Heartfilia died and the whole ordeal with Sabertooth.

Our heroes have moved on with their lives but, what's this?!

Some weird people have appeared in the story and they've got Mavis!

And Lucy is going to uncover the secret of the message Natsu gave her 2 years earlier...

Can she save everyone before it's too late?

Cover remade by TheyCallHerAvalon!

bluelover018 bluelover018 Aug 27, 2016
Wait wait wait .......... if Jello and Erza get married wouldnt that make Gajeel , levy , Gray , Juvia , Natsu , Lucy ! Romeo , and wendy BROTGERS AND SISTERS?!?!?!?!
Annaliz99 Annaliz99 May 24, 2016
I see shiriyuki and I immediately think Shiriyuki from snow white with the red hair lol
Lenabetts1234 Lenabetts1234 Dec 02, 2016
She better back the f^ck up before she get's smacked the f^ck up!
AlissaFord3 AlissaFord3 Aug 05, 2016
Would the metal around pencil erasers count? It could be a more earthly way XD
DarkfireRaven DarkfireRaven Jul 14, 2016
That one sentence made me want yo beat Sara to a bloody pulp.