18 and over (a hakeem from empire story)

18 and over (a hakeem from empire story)

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My name is Yn I'm 12 turning 13 this year I have two sisters named Niyah and Dani...soo we were walking threw the mall and we seen this poster saying Hakeem and Jamal from empire was going to be in Atlanta at the mall We knew we were going

Yn: Bruh

Niyah: Maaan ma can we go

Mom: I guess but it's gonna be a whole bunch of people 

Dani: I'm going

Yn: (remember I'm only 12 turning 13) thaats my husband mmhm

Niyah: Nah B he's mine 

Yn: Girl bye you got a baby and everythang 

Dani: Exactly ima get me some of Hakeem 

MARCH 20th 2015 

Since we weren't able to get the CD and the wrist band we went up stairs in front of Sears we could see right over their head and every time they looked up we screamed well Hakeem's real name is Bryshere Yazz Gray soo I screamed Yazz and he looked up and I waas like I love you and he was like love youu too when I went home I waas sooo happy I told all my friends I sent pictures (remember I waas in 6th grade) all I kinda over exaggerated I told my mom ...

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slayqueen54 slayqueen54 Jun 18, 2017
So baby tonight I'm blowing up ur line, I got you on my mind, and the truth is hard to find, so I'll be drunk texting drunk texting you
1-800_Hotline_Bling 1-800_Hotline_Bling Nov 15, 2015
That's my song bro I love that song slouch I could listen to it for days