The Exchange Student(Kyoya x Reader)

The Exchange Student(Kyoya x Reader)

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Katie ~(=^・ω・^) By OtakuKitKat Updated Oct 24

Okay so this is based off this one dream I had so don't judge...

You are an average teenage girl. Pretty, smart, athletic, and kind. All in moderation of course. But you can't see that. Because you suffer overwhelming social anxiety. 
And now you get to be an exchange student in Japan, a place you've admired since you were a kid innocently watching Naruto on Saturday mornings. Yay, meeting new people. Except not really.  
But then you meet your host brother, a joyful and princely boy, Tamaki Souh, and everything changes.
Especially when you meet his friends.

*Disclaimer: I do NOT in anyway endorse romantasizing depression so if at any point you think I am please tell me and I am sorry*

I'm Japanese so I can't really be obsessed with my own culture
OMG yass!! Third paragraph in and this is now my favorite Kyoya x reader story!
Almost everyone would say Levi because honestly... HE DA BEST😍😍 I think I love him a little bit too much😅 Oh well😎
WOAH I am not taking anything away from anyone I had nothing to do with the situation
missnerd120 missnerd120 Nov 16
They are real! *glances over to Sherlock Holmes, Elizabeth Bennet, Loki* THEY ARE REAL IN MY DREAMS
I... My favorite character is Kyoya.. Umm... Do Vocaloids count???? T-T