The Underworld's Moon

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thunderheart15 By thunderheart15 Updated a year ago
**This is a BoyxBoy story so if you don't like that then don't read it. You've been warned!**
    Verin is a demon and the best part, he's the prince of the Underworld. He's completely ignorant and can't help but act spoiled as he wishes. All he cares about is getting the throne so that his lazy, sex-drive father can get off it. His father wants Verin to go buy a slave to learn responsibilities and Verin begrudgingly does as told. 
    Now, he as a pet werewolf named Faolan as his slave, and he has no idea what to do with him. Instead of planning to use him and quickly get rid of him as planned for when he gets the throne, would he end up falling for this little werewolf?
    And if his father found out, would his father make him resign the throne that he has been waiting for a long time for? Because being resigned from a throne would mean he will be the disgrace of the family. So, will Verin fight for what he wants?
    **This whole story is unedited so I apologize ahead of time for all grammatical errors**
I loved how he did that face lol and is it weird I've read this book like 3 times lol
Ay, I wish I could write in first person, but I can only write in third.
                                    I just absolutely adore your writing style 
                                    It's amazing.
This actually is my second time rereading this, and I always pick up on something new each time. 
                                    Love the story!
This story sounds really intriguing. I loved your blurb, it had a way of hooking the readers-- to want to read. I've never really read a (Boy X Boy) story, but this one sounded really good. The first chapter was very excellently written.
pls finish this book it is very good and I would love a good ending to a beutiful story.
                                    and your stories are great and amazing