Likewise, We're Insane (GXG)

Likewise, We're Insane (GXG)

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He betrayed and faked to be fully gay to possibly get in my pants. She left me for a girl she met on a trip. And to think my life was actually GOOD. Aside from my crazy bitch of a sister and mother, of course. 

But then so, who could blame me for trying to commit suicide? Who could blame me for fucking trying to die?

At first all this was regret. Then she came along, in our beautiful dorm in the mental hospital.

TheaHarmon TheaHarmon Jun 29
i love in this moment i love their songs but my most fav song by them is Blood i love that song :)
True all my "friends" are with me cuz am "hot"*no I am not* or my sanity slipping away
the pain!!!! this girl is really like me lmao the only thing different is the hair and age!!!! AGH!!!
emo_kitty1212 emo_kitty1212 Nov 28, 2016
You sound amazing! And I know what it's like to have no friends but who needs them anyway
B--V--B-Ashes-Remain B--V--B-Ashes-Remain Nov 06, 2016
Well Andy Biersack is first but unicorns come in a close second!
EvrenFurry EvrenFurry Oct 27, 2016
That's my fav :) I just recently saw them at the Hollywood palladium -10/16/16-