The Thirteenth Day | ✔️

The Thirteenth Day | ✔️

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Queen of the Gummy Bears By Prisim Completed

Death is a lonely place, especially for Micha Ryzor. There are no more stolen kisses under a weeping willow and no more sleepovers with her best friend. There is only Micha, haunting the shell of her former home, chasing off any who move in to keep them from suffering the same fate.
          That is . . . until Acer.
          Micha is drawn to him and his broken family in a way that makes it impossible for her to scare them off. Acer is an enigma to her. It isn't just that he is the first person who can see her, or that he brings back memories of her forgotten death. There is one undeniable fact that Micha can't seem to wrap her head around.
          Acer could save her life.


This story was posted to Wattpad and only Wattpad. If you're seeing this note and you're not reading it on was stolen. So please get your butt over to Wattpad and read it by the actual author, Prisim, and not the thief who couldn't be bother to even delete this message let alone write their own unique story.

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freeleanne freeleanne Aug 12, 2015
ok I have actually read to the end (all the is posted). I will be waiting for more.  so for now i am reading the story to my granddaughters.  I do leave out the kissing parts when I read (ages 4 to 16)  but the story's well written and the older kids and I enjoy the story's plot.  ..
mizzbliz mizzbliz Jul 05, 2015
I'm already invested in this. So far, it's a movie playing in my head. Please keep writing. 
forevermalak forevermalak Jun 23, 2015
I just realized we literally always have the same or similar character names. "Acer" "Ace" like are we clones or what
forevermalak forevermalak Jun 23, 2015
If anything your writing has improved?? Idk like this is so good!! Als I love ghost stories so yay.  (I'm gonna leave a lot of obnoxious comments haha)
forevermalak forevermalak Jun 23, 2015
This is gold. I've always loved your descriptions. And you're like "oh you'll probably think my writing is bad now that you're older" still marveling at your descriptions. Pls teach me ur waysb
BellaLunaD91 BellaLunaD91 May 23, 2015
It's definitely different from what I'm used to reading from you, a bit darker, but I still like it, at last what I've read of it so far. You haven't disappointed me yet so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna live this book too.