Pieces. | August Alsina fanfic|

Pieces. | August Alsina fanfic|

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August Alsina fanfic.

-trigger warning-  Vulgar language and actions. (Partially based on true events)

MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY!!! (16+ in age is recommended) contains sexual situations and conversations.

Esined (Played by model, Marissa Brown *instagram: @SoonSun ) is not your typical girl. She's nowhere near perfect and neither is her situation. She's a quiet girl who's new to town. She keeps to herself all of the time to avoid people. That is until August comes along. He sees simply from her looks that something is wrong with her, but something attracts him to her. Meanwhile he wants to know her, she's pushing him away. She doesn't want to know him or anyone at that. August doesn't understand that he can get her and himself in serious trouble if he doesn't leave her alone.

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These comments have me dying! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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EPPS.. you never know if you gonna grow up and work for her later on in life
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                              😑😑😑wheres the joke...I mean other then your mama loving you
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I really don't ever have nothing to be sad over now reading this
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Why you laughing 
                              I make more money then you on allowance yo ole' renta cop looking nigga
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I be mad when I don't get the shoes I want when they drop I need to be more grateful