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Learning About You [Rewriting/On Hold Til July]

Learning About You [Rewriting/On Hold Til July]

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♡Marissa♡ By hiddenheartprincess Updated Oct 30, 2016

(Previously known as The Mute Girl.)

[Book 1 of the Finding Love Series]

Arabella wants a fresh start but doing that will hard when she hasn't spoken a word out loud to anyone in five years. Being silent is her way of living now and people around her have adapted to not hearing her voice anymore. The fear of what would come was too great for Arabella to risk the chance of breaking her silence. Over the years she's learned to smile normally with the help of her loving brothers but she knows that she can't out run their past.

When Jasper catches sight of the new girl on her first day of school, he wants to know more about her. Something intrigues him about the girl who writes on her notepad to talk and signs with her hands. Her smile tells one story and her eyes show another one, one full of pain. Jasper never had an easy life but he learned that family was found in the people that chose to stay.

Will her families' secrets make him run from her or embrace her closer? Especially when her past comes back to haunt her, will he be able to handle what's in store?

(This story is copyrighted by Marissa Danielle/hiddenheartprincess. It is not to be posted on other sites.)

renegade_laughter renegade_laughter Jan 28, 2016
Should've said called instead of yelled... You used to call me on my cellphone... Yeah?
Snape75 Snape75 Jul 14, 2016
That has always been my dream: three brothers, older than me... 
                              Well I'm the eldest...
SmallWannaBe SmallWannaBe Nov 27, 2016
Well then I'm going to need to change like all of my main characters names😅
PandaLover0014 PandaLover0014 Jan 28, 2016
Really Good... Little bit of spelling errors but other then that amazing
aGingerThing aGingerThing Jul 21, 2016
I have literally read three seperate books where Drake, Derek and Aaron are the main bad boys/characters
MyLifeIsGreat_Lol MyLifeIsGreat_Lol Dec 27, 2016
Well, lunch would be bad, and music.... Also, any reason the secretary knows sign language?