Walrus Boobs

Walrus Boobs

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walrusboobs123 By walrusboobs123 Updated Dec 29, 2012

I sat in my bed and stared at my IPhone longingly.

You may wonder what what was on the screen. But you will have to wait.


My name is Stevie Sue. And I have a few hobbies; eating, smelling, pooping, and stalking... someone. I have been arrested four times from... something. And my one, uttmost passion... is walrus boobs. Not doing anything weird with them, just plain old walrus boobs.

That what was on my screen. Walrus boobs. Many boys have asked me out, but I could never say yes. That would be a disgrace to the walruses, and all walrus kind.

I threw all my stuff into my bag, and headed off to my new job. My new job at the zoo. I had been fired from many zoo jobs before, but those were in different towns. This was Portland Oregon, though. Maybe what I was about to do was considered normal here.

I was working in, you guessed it, the walrus feeding chamber. I had brought a bucket of gourmet glop or whatever it was with me to the chamber and set it down. I approached the walrus slo...