Fairy Tail: Invincible Wills and Feelings (NaLu Fan Fiction) {Watty Awards 2013}

Fairy Tail: Invincible Wills and Feelings (NaLu Fan Fiction) {Watty Awards 2013}

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케이시🌹 By Cryptic_Eyes Completed

After the incident with the Infinity Clock, things seem to be peaceful again in the guild of Fairy Tail.  But that soon takes an abrupt turn when Lucy falls ill; resulting from the leader of a dark guild called Black Essence.  His name is Mastel, and he plans to take Lucy's soul in order to increase his own power!  Natsu and the rest of Fairy Tail desperatly try to stop him, and once they do, is it all really over?  Or is someone else lurking in the darkest shadows?  And what happens when not only Lucy is targeted again, but someone else is added to the mix?!  Who is the other person?!  

Virel Essence, a mysterious man, plans to do the unthinkable and possibly put the world in danger!  To make it worse, Lucy starts mysteriously loosing her memories; add the fact that there's a mysterious legendary key wrapped up in Lucy's past, and you get a very dangerous situation!  Lucy's life is in danger, and Natsu swears to protect it, no matter the costs.  Join Lucy, Natsu, and everyone else in Fairy Tail as they fight to win against the dark guild Black Essence and save Fiore!

There is now a second book for this story!!! Please read it, and enjoy! c':
Title is Fairy Tail: Nightmares and Feelings. ♥

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with_a_side_of_lucy with_a_side_of_lucy Sep 10, 2017
A fact no one will care about: whenever I get sick, I'm always sick for 2 or 3 days
etherexll etherexll Aug 12, 2017
*fruit turns out to be giant golden strawberry and erza ends up eating it and luceh dies and natsu does too cus heartbreak and nalu no cannon*
LuciferDragonheart LuciferDragonheart Jul 30, 2017
The longest I've ever had a fever was 3 hours. I'm a mystical beast that barely gets sick. Woar woar I'm a dinosaur
TheFanFictionManiac TheFanFictionManiac Jul 09, 2017
Of course he's sure are you sure cause im sure he has been go 2 hours.
TheFanFictionManiac TheFanFictionManiac Jul 09, 2017
Man did this escalate fast. Must have stepped on a lightning escalator .-.
KyleeSchryer KyleeSchryer Mar 25, 2017
Wendy: Lucy~San should've listened to me... *shakes head* Now she can't listen to anyone.