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Cryptic (Wattys2015)

Cryptic (Wattys2015)

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Lilia Blanc By LiliaBlanc Completed

"Well... What can I say? I got a little excited over the idea of ghosts and creatures lurking in the night. So... Yeah. I might have gone off and tried to find some? 
  Let me tell you. Not the brightest idea I've had in a while, but at least it wasn't boring! That's the fun part. Of course, throw in a rather pissy guy and that totally makes it worth while. I mean, totally. But, he takes care of the things in the night. Banishes them, exorcises them,  I think he even binds a few of them. Don't ask me how that works... I've tried and I just... Got us in more trouble. 
  I think he hates me.
  Oh, did I tell you he's really freaking hot? Yeah. Like. Smoking hot. But his attitude sucks. And he's powerful. Really powerful. I'm trying not to get in his way, but it sort of doesn't work. Plus he yells a lot. Not that I mind, but what the hell am I supposed to do when he's all pissy and uptight? 
  Oh. Did I also tell you that 'might' have unleashed a powerful spirit? Yeah... Breylin's going to be so pissed."

Like the sounds you heard
                              Or the 🐓?
Kyyu3099 Kyyu3099 Mar 18
I really enjoyed reading this! It was like I was watching an anime or something (I made up what the guy looks like in my head). You managed to keep the flow of the story going very nicely! This book needs more votes!
                              Also, nice pun at the end. I'm a real-sucker-when it comes to puns XD
jahliyah88 jahliyah88 May 15
Im strange.weird and out of the norm......i like snakes hahaha
If I were you I wouldn't try to be the hero just bring your ass home
I yell at them all the time like right now while I'm yelling at you
DarkLoveAngel DarkLoveAngel Nov 18, 2016
Dude got my thoughts exactly. Though i'm still not sure turning my lpve into a job is a good choice...