Cryptic- publishing with Inkitt

Cryptic- publishing with Inkitt

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Lilia Blanc By LiliaBlanc Completed

What if the world you live in has more secrets than it meets the eye?

Late night ghost hunting is something Luca believed only existed in the horror books he buries his nose in, until the dreadful night in which he ran headfirst into a hungry spirit. Luckily, he was saved by, a mysterious, dark and smoldering ghost hunter named Breylin. 

After the incident, Luca decides to take his ghost hunting adventures into his own hands, and in doing so, he releases an extremely powerful demon which had been locked away by the hunter who saved him.

Breylin is now a very angry hunter stuck with a thrill seeker, who seems to be more trouble than he's worth. Despite his irritation, the more time he spends with Luca, the clearer it becomes that this innocent young man sparks something in the hunter which even he can't understand.

  • banshee
  • boyslove
  • boyxboy
  • demon
  • exorcist
  • ghost
  • hunter
  • poltergeist
  • rogue
  • siren
  • spirit
  • wattys2015
  • yaoi
Like the sounds you heard
                              Or the 🐓?
Kyyu3099 Kyyu3099 Mar 18
I really enjoyed reading this! It was like I was watching an anime or something (I made up what the guy looks like in my head). You managed to keep the flow of the story going very nicely! This book needs more votes!
                              Also, nice pun at the end. I'm a real-sucker-when it comes to puns XD
jahliyah88 jahliyah88 May 15
Im strange.weird and out of the norm......i like snakes hahaha
Chloe_Pont Chloe_Pont Aug 21
___       /
                                |    |     /      Wrecking
                                |    |  (‿)         ball
If I were you I wouldn't try to be the hero just bring your ass home
I yell at them all the time like right now while I'm yelling at you