Complications With My Brothers Best Friend✔️ (Sequel)

Complications With My Brothers Best Friend✔️ (Sequel)

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Kearaboo By KearaBoo Completed

You all remember Nikki and Colten, right? You remember how they broke up when Colten went off to college in California, right?

What would happen if, let's say, Colten came back for thanksgiving with his family almost two years after? 

I guess it'll be hard for all of us. 


Two years after the fateful day, Colten decides to come back and enjoy thanksgiving week with his mom and friends. 

Nikki is now a senior and has been working extra hard to get a scholarship to a really good college. She has a loving boyfriend, Trevor Fults, she didn't think her life could get any better. 

That's until Colten shows up on her doorstep one day. Will all of her resolve be washed down the drain? Or will she steer clear of Colten the Charmer? 

Read to find out!
(Book #2 out of the Best Friend Series)

lovechassidy4 lovechassidy4 Jul 19, 2016
Re reading this series but I get so happy when it comes to coltons POV😍 you go babe👏
ChaoticBeauty14 ChaoticBeauty14 Jun 20, 2016
                              *HUGS COLTEN* *SMACKS BUTT*
                              'WHAT WAS THAT?' Says colten
                              IT WAS JUST THE WIND BABE
                              MIND: IT WAS PAYBACK FOR LEAVING ME AND  NIKKI YOU LITTLE ****** ****** SON OF A ***** IM GONNA KICK YO ***
LauraBebe7 LauraBebe7 Aug 26, 2016
oh colton, colton.... where have you been my entire life??? :D
Stutter_Girl16 Stutter_Girl16 Oct 05, 2016
Isn't Trevor one of Dustin's friends from the first book?? (Rewritten)
_hermione_1 _hermione_1 Aug 07, 2016
I hope Trevor fûcks up so Colten and Nikki can be a thing again
Julia8031 Julia8031 Oct 23, 2016
Every time I hear the name Trevor I think of the guy from GTA 5 😂😂