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In the tough streets of Detroit, everyone is trying to make it. In a city filled with murder, drugs, and poverty, it seems almost impossible to make it out. In this city lies three young individuals, all determined to make it out of what seems like a never ending cycle of despair. However, their methods are all totally different.

    There is Winter Collins, an eighteen year old freshman in college. She's positive that if she hits the books hard enough, that will be her ticket out of the hood. But with every dream comes a reality. Money for college isn't that easy to come by. She has to over come the obstacles of people holding her back and her own financial situation. 

    Everyone has a hustle right? Well, Cookie's hustle is a bit different from the others. She isn't what meets the eye. Although she looks like a sweet innocent young lady-- she's really a deadly savage when it comes to getting hers. Instead of working for everything she wants, she takes the easy way out of things. Cookie uses and manipulates people to get what she wants. With her wild and reckless ways, she's bound to get caught up in more than she bargained for.

    Then finally there is Bando; a chill laid back twenty-two year old. The streets raised him so that's all he knows. Yet he still can't help but feel like there's more out there for him. So Bando is on a mission to rack up his dough to get outta the hood and head to the hills. However, his hustle is a bit more risky than he'd like to admit.

Follow their lives, in the STREETS.

CrazyUnique CrazyUnique Aug 01
You stole my Australian Pit bull.. and my food 😒like last week sooooo ummmmm🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
taabyy1 taabyy1 Aug 04
lmao that's the most important role don't try to play dude like that 😂😂
femalegoat femalegoat Aug 21
stealing from anybody ain't right period point motherfuckin blank tf 🚮💯
femalegoat femalegoat Aug 21
right I'm over here like not enough?? nigga this twenty dollars I have in my wallet is not enough. you made 60 thou in less than two hours and it took damn near my birthday to get that twenty 😭😭
Ayo, bando how you want yo funeral ? I was thinking maybe white roses ?
femalegoat femalegoat Aug 21
lookin like i caught a liiicckkk, talk about me you get hit 😭😊