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Harry Potter Preferences and oneshots/imagines

Harry Potter Preferences and oneshots/imagines

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space sapphic By _catastrophics_ Updated Aug 03, 2016

(Y/n)- your name
(Y/l/n)- your last name
(Y/f/n)- your friends name
(Y/bf/n)- your best friends name
(H/c)- hair color
(e/c) - eye color

Btw I don't know how many of those will actually show up also I'm just writing this as it comes to me)

     "I love you sweetie! See you soon" your mother whispered in your ear as she hugged you. 
     "I love you too mom!" You laughed before you let her go. Smiling one last time at her you take a running start at the wall of platform 9 3/4 (A/N: that's it right?) Just as you make it through you run into someone making the both of you fall. Your bags fell off your cart but thankfully they didn't bust open. "Oh my gods I'm so sorry!" You shriek rushing to help the boy up. "I'm such a clutz"
     "No its fine" he replied taking your outstretched hand. You pull him up and help him pick up his bags. 
     "I'm harry by the way." He smiles as he sticks out his hand for you to shake. 
      "(y/n)" you smile back, rearranging your bags in your arm...

Sara Malfoy. Older sister of Draco and nothing like her father.
Mixiuna Mixiuna Aug 14, 2016
"Wait till my father hears about this!" yelled Draco. .... ಠmಠ...
Squampyisbestship Squampyisbestship Apr 22, 2016
Is it bad I would say "OH MY CHUCK" or "OH MY STARCLAN" or even "OH MY CHUCKING STARCLAN"
Himichi_Takaru Himichi_Takaru Jul 31, 2016
And practically ignore B/F/N because Quidditch matters more, apparently.
heart_harmony heart_harmony Dec 19, 2015
Draco called himself an ass? Hang on, I need to remember this moment... Ok moment's over, moving on.
dynamitedavyjones dynamitedavyjones Aug 07, 2015