Bow Echo

Bow Echo

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Taylor Lowe By jilguera Completed

Bow Echo is a meteorological term for a radar characteristic that shows a line of storms in the shape of a bow. It's the herald of severe storms with damaging winds and sometimes tornadoes. The arrival of a wolf shifter pack is Zephyra 'Zeph' Callahan's bow echo, causing a chain of events that will change the cloud nymph's life forever. It begins with her and the wolf shifter, Ethan Cole discovering a massive pile of slaughtered deer. 

The peaceful co-existence between norms and the supernatural, or aberrations, is threatened as the senseless death continues, and Zeph refuses to sit, watch it happen, and do nothing. Joining with Wildlife Officer Malcolm Richards, she rushes to discover who is to blame before vengeful witches, a jealous ex, and an amorous shifter gets the better of her.  

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inhxbitant- inhxbitant- Jul 11, 2015
Well, now I know what Bow Echo means >w< I love the cover, and the whole copyright thing, heh. Hope your book wins the awards~