Daddy Alpha{Rewritting}

Daddy Alpha{Rewritting}

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"Daddy...I don't understand why you hurt me...I'm sorry for ever being born. I know I'm nothing but a burden but I honestly try to please you. So why?...what?....what must I do to please yo.." 

"ARIEO!!" My thoughts were rudely awakened by my father's smooth but yet stern voice.

"Get your stupid ass up already its past three thirty,don't make me come in there for you." I heard him start to walk toward my door. 

I lept out of bed and quickly fixed it. "Im up sir!" I called to him. Yes..I address my father as sir. Its a common thing to us. 

My father is one of the richest and most bad ass guys you could come across in all of the six state mafias he owns. 

Ever since he came into power, crime has took and immediate drop on the chart. 

I took a quick three minute bath and super dry. I hurriedly put on a black skinny, a plain green T-shirt with an unhappy emo face on the front and my converse. 

I stuffed my books in my bag then went to brush my teeth. 

As soon as I finished I heard ...

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Heather_Avenyx Heather_Avenyx May 27, 2017
How do you take a three minute bath? It takes me like 15 minutes to fill the bath with water
ThePervNextdoor ThePervNextdoor Apr 18, 2015
@Brezzy31 thanks.  ^_^ i think i might change his age though.
ThePervNextdoor ThePervNextdoor Apr 06, 2015
@Baby_J_Purdy ooohhh ty hun. Been working on something else thats why.  But i'll update for you soon.  ;)
Baby_J_Purdy Baby_J_Purdy Apr 06, 2015
ur off to a good start I was kinda disappointed that u have not posted more but when u do I'll be sure to hop on it lol 
                              -queen j