When the best promises are broken...(Frerard) (boyxboy)

When the best promises are broken...(Frerard) (boyxboy)

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Emo Trinity Trash By emo_buttplugs Updated Sep 30, 2016

"I hold up my pinkie finger, "Best friends until unicorns that sneeze glitter and poop rainbows break us apart. I pinkie promise.""

As children, Frank and Gerard were the best of friends. Not only that, it would range from best friends, to brothers, to partners in crime. 

Then came the day when Frank and his mum had to move out of New Jersey due to financial problems after his father left. There they were, the two ten year old best friends separated from each other. However, as if things weren't messy enough, Frank's mum decides to come back to New Jersey. After all the pain that Frank went through during his years away, he expects to find Gerard just like he left him, Even better, he expects him to be the one there for him, the one supporting. 

But what happens when Frank realises that things might not go as planned? Will Gerard be there for him with all of what goes through or will he be another obstacle?

Trigger warning: self-harm, eating disorder, rape, suicide attempt.

party-poisoned party-poisoned Dec 15, 2016
I feel like everyone that comes on Wattpad, usually come at midnight. Just saying..
HesitantFrerard HesitantFrerard Dec 28, 2016
that title though... I can't help but imagine what gee would be like as a fuckboy now..
When I saw this in the description I thought it was Mikey who made that promise
drendelsprin drendelsprin Nov 27, 2016
Actually Satan is pretty cool, you don't BURN in hell for all eternity or whatever, we just play poker and have tea parties, it's a riot.
fckboyiero fckboyiero Feb 05
is it sad that instead of thinking The Only Hope For Me Is You i thought of Last Hope by paramore??
JustSomeEmoKid JustSomeEmoKid Dec 17, 2016
The song at the beginning I'm crying and I haven't got a chance to read anything yet. Y u do this?