Beauty and the Idiot ☹ Muke

Beauty and the Idiot ☹ Muke

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"Why do you always wear that mask?" Luke asked. 

The boy shook his head stubbornly. 

What Luke didn't realize was -- behind that mask. 

the boy was crying.

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shipsnshit shipsnshit May 08
Say it louder, I don't think Donald Trump heard it over the orange coating his skin.
not to ruin the mood but they say you are unique to tell you you're special and different, but they say that to everyone so are you really special if everyone is unique and not just you?   
                              KK I'll leave.
So like me?? Bc I'm gay af and it's pretty well known 😂 well pan! And I'm also openly agender so there's that too! Like I don't try to hide it, even if these stupid people want to judge and shame me for it. If they don't like it, that's a then problem not mine
shipsnshit shipsnshit Sep 05
I never got back to reading this and I regret it. I love this
I'm praying this story won't break me because I just finished a story that shattered my heart
1-800-ANOTHER-MEMORY 1-800-ANOTHER-MEMORY Sep 21, 2016
i keep wanting to vote bUT THEN I ALREADY DID ITS SO ANNOYING